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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Working on stuff

Dance Party Fisheye photos are being worked on. Sean Miksys traded me a hi-res scanner for a digital camera kit for a little while. I be scanning all kinds of stuff. I found lots of negatives and slides I might put up. I've been trying to get my computer to crash latley by having tons of huge files open at the same time, along with iTunes, ripping movies, creating HDRS and uploading photographs. It has worked a couple of times, causeing me to lose hours of work on those huge files. talking like 100mb+ photos and scans. You can never have enough memory. I have two gigs of RAM (maxed out) in my MacBook Pro and I still had to borrow my sisters MacBook to work on while the other was processing files. Multi tasking is exausting. time for sleep. feels like all I do is study now. and i'm not even enrolled in school. at least I am productive.


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