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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm gonna start something up again.
Don't have a decent camera at the moment but that will hopefully soon change.
for now it will be a blog of travels, thoughts and feelings? and people along the way.
Ready, set, go!

So last nights storm woke me up. The thunder was like natures bass shaking the whole house at the farm. My mind was racing right off. Lightning flashes of bikes, girls, flowing some jumps with style, girls, spinning out cranks on a fixie and keeping cadence, and oh yeah girls. All to some fat beats.

I couldn't get back to sleep mind in full sprint and all so layed there and wrote about it in fact ^this. Now I realize it is all going happen starting now.

Bikes, beats, broads (brawds haha)

From TRP's Mini Ramp right now to Hip Hop Night at the Elks in Ann Arbor.

Then tomorrow (Friday) Critical Mass in Detroit and after party with roller sprint races where I defend last months win and get down to a DJ pumping out synthpop dance music that i am looking forward to and maybe stopping at The Works to dance till dawn.

Saturday starts out with picking up a new toy in trade for one I have carrying a while now ;]
then THUNDERDROME.com velo races of all kinds of things. bicycles, motor bikes, go carts and basically anything on wheels but smaller than a sport bike. I'll be shredding the MTB for a change. with the after party at The Velvet Touch.

show up, or don't but have fun, and rock out

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